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Best of data literacy
Grandi momenti della competenza sui dati

Data literacy on the go - Monatskolumnen 2024 Prof. Dr. Diego Kuonen

Walliser Bote, 27.1.2024:

"Die 5 W-Fragen zur Brandverhütung..."

Walliser Bote, 22.2.2024:

"Die Magie der Zwei..."

Walliser Bote, 23.3.2024:

"Die Macht der Daten: von Informationen zu Wissen..."

Walliser Bote, 23.4.2024:

"23, 4, 20, 24... "

Walliser Bote, 23.5.2024:

"Die Macht einer gemeinsamen Sprache"


   Supporting data literacy is not primarily about enabling individuals to master a particular skill or to become proficient in a certain technology platform. Rather it is about equipping individuals to understand the underlying principles and challenges of data. This understanding will in turn empower people to comprehend, interpret, and use the data they encounter—and even to produce and analyze their own data. This can only be achieved by considering data literacy as a means toward a necessary reinvention of community engagement and empowerment—towards what we term data inclusion. '


Beyond Data Literacy: Reinventing Community, Engagement and Empowerment in the Age of Data, Oktober 2015

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